Adorable Crush

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Adorable Crush

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Adorable Crush Ver1.0.7
This game is a lot like Hunie Pop

List of Cheats:

Adorable Crush
[*]Quick Scripts
[*]Show Gallery And H-Scenes (Change Page To Activate)
[*]99999 Money (Open/Close Shop To Activate)
[*]99999 Essence (Talk To Girl)
[*]Max Hearts,Hunger,Drink (Talk to Activate)(Will not show drink and hearts but they are maxed)
[*]Hearts 1 ,Hunger,Drink (Talk To Girl To Drop Hearts To 1) (Used to get H-Scene and Pics From Phone)
[*]Hearts 4,Hunger,Drink (Talk To Girl To Drop Hearts To 4) (Used to get Busy Man Achievment)
[*]Inst Win Date With Max Stats
[*]Max Joy Only
[*]Max Moves
[*]Stop Night Date Score Decrease
[*]Date Times (Be sure to only have 1 [X] at a time)
[*]Always Morning
[*]Always Afternoon
[*]Always Evening
[*]Always Night

[*]Current Girl
[*]<- Talk to Activate and Update ->
[*]Dated Day
[*]Played H Scene
[*]Hearts Lvl
[*]Is Completed
[*]Unique Gift Count
[*]New Preference
[*]New Details
[*]Unlock Story
[*]Viewed Story

[*]Affection Goal
[*]Passion Level
[*]Max Passion Level
[*]High Round Drain Delay
[*]High Round Drain Timer
[*]Is High Round
[*]is Showing Affection
[*]Did Win
[*]Is Tutorial
[*]Piece Tutorial
[*]Bonus Joy For Match 4
[*]Bonus Move For Match 4
[*]Date Gift Will Consume Token
[*]Bonus Joy For Passion Match
[*]Ignore Move Consumption Color
[*]Ignore Broken Heart
[*]Is Broken Passion
[*]Drunk At Date
[*]Prev State

[*]Game Stats and Currancy
[*]<-Open Shop To Activate and Update->
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