[Ubisoft] Anno 1800 (v13.2.1079515)

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[Ubisoft] Anno 1800 (v13.2.1079515)

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Environment: Main + DLC: Season 1-3 pass
Game ver.: 13.2.1079515

Since I only tested 2-3 times in sandbox mode. If you have any problem, just disable the script / option.
Always backup your saves. use at you own risk. Season 3-4 items may not be affected by script because I do not examine its item ID yet.

for Keep warehouse stock: not fully functional

□***Suggestion: Enable after game save loaded***
□Coin, influence & warehouse stock
□Player coin
□Min. coin
□Influence total
□Influence available
□*** not working*** Keep warehouse stock (at least >=2; not fully tested) : No, Yes
□Stock min. value
□Stock max value = (Capacity - X), X =
□Ship HP (may affect buildings)
□Non player ship half HP? (not recommended) : No, Yes
□Click ship cargo -> #1000
□Click warehouse -> stock full
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