[Steam] Wolfenstein: The New Order - table v: 1.0.3 CT

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[Steam] Wolfenstein: The New Order - table v: 1.0.3 CT

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Wolfenstein: The New Order - table v: 1.0.3 CT
Game Name: Wolfenstein: The New Order
Game Vendor: Steam
Game Version:
Game Process: WolfNewOrder_x64.exe
Game File Version:

Sensei Tom

Saves and loads table state (i.e.: what memory records are enabled).
Uses named states (i.e.: 'default', 'testState', or 'SuperCheated'), if no name is given then 'default' is used.
Save Table State : Default
Save Table State : Casual
Save Table State : Full
Save Table State : Test
Load Table State : Default
Load Table State : Casual
Load Table State : Full
Load Table State : Test
Health Dec. Hook
Health Pickup Multiplier
Armor Dec. Hook
Armor Pickup Multiplier
Armor Cap. Hook
Over Charged Dec. Hook
Infinite Ammo
No Energy Use
Easy Perks
Easy Hot Wiring
General Helper Scripts:
Fill Health
Fill Armor
Super Charged Health & Armor
Fill Ammo
Other Features:
Auto Table Updater
Auto Attach to process
Simple Logger (with levels)
Debug Section:
Print Game Module Info
Print Game Module Version
Enable Compact Mode
Disable Compact Mode
Set Logger Level : WARN (Default)
Set Logger Level : INFO
Set Logger Level : DEBUG
Set Logger Level : TRACE
All hooks have their own section, check scripts for real hook names.

v 1.0.1: Initial release

If you find anything you want to know more about how it works (the Lua stuff, or any of the AA scripts), just let me know.
For editing/updating
Just extract the CEA table files in to a folder named "ceaFiles" for running local files instead of the table files.
See this Lua extension with helper tools for extracting the table files into folders used by my Lua modules:
Add Table Helpers to Tools Menu.
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