Metal Gear Solid 1 (GOG)

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Metal Gear Solid 1 (GOG)

Post by Daffy »

I've learned a lot since I made this one, but the games seemed pretty dead to go back. it should have most things you could think of. :)

All Items + Weapons (+Inf Ammo using freeze)
Infinite Health [can die from being 1 shot]
Change Max Hp [if you set this to like 3382 for torture scene you won't lose]
Infinite Oxygen
No reload
Boss Battle - Boss Health, NPC Captives At Bosses Health, & Timers for all but second boss (tank)
end game timer
Radar Access In Hard/Extreme Mode (use value 5 through 7) (provided by XebroLeazier)
Never Need Diazepam
Diazepam timer (kinda useless with above but i found it)
chaff grenade timer
Current Enemy Status (0=Clear, 1=Jamming, 2=Evasion, 3=Alert, 4=invisibility)
DockA (first location)- Elevator Timer [change to 0 for it to go down]
walk through walls
amount of enemies alive
Health Bar Life Name
Invulnerable [bullets pass through you] - freeze at 1, affects your max health that the game refills when you die. disable will disable it after you go into the next map

Current Difficulty [visual only] - don't change this! (255=Very Easy, 0=Easy, 1=Normal, 2=Hard, 3=Extreme)
Current Difficulty more info
i used a very easy save at escape route (final area of game), i changed it from 255 to 3, resaved/reloaded and it kept the 3 but i still only received hound rank, there's some other check i didn't find.
-Game Completion Status - get tuxedo without beating game twice
1. not ended game yet (value=0)
2. good ending and get the bandana your ng+ save is yellow in the save menu (value=1)
3. bad ending and you get stealth, your ng+ is red (value=2)
4. if you have completed both it is red and you get the tuxedo suit after heading up the elevator in the dock. (value=3)

after you change value & get to the next zone and save and reload your game will reflect the change. if you used value 3 you will now have the tuxedo. it won't give you the stealth/bandana, just makes it think you have completed the game to have them. (can item cheat them in)
-----end game stat help for ranks-----
rations used
saves used
continues used
alerts used
kills used
time played
deaths counter (goes hand in hand with continues used i guess - the game tracks deaths but the results screen doesn't show them, this may be useless info but kept nevertheless)

-----VR Game V2-----
current health (lock for infinite)
max health
weapon codes (get all weapons or lock ammo qty for infinite]
infinite time (this doesn't work for all rounds, i didn't spend much time playing VR, i didn't play vr much)
Diazepam count
Diazepam always in use
Score (provided by XebroLeazier )
Stealth (provided by XebroLeazier )
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Re: Metal Gear Solid 1 (GOG)

Post by Gear2ndGandalf »

That walk through walls cheat is genius! Idk how you found it, but I'm making a table too that will add some more to this game. v12 of your table is on fearlessrevolution but I didn't see this v13 there. Good find!
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