[Ubisoft] Assassin's Creed Valhalla (v1.5.1)

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[Ubisoft] Assassin's Creed Valhalla (v1.5.1)

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Version tested: 1.5.1

There already have a powerful Inventory editor here: Assassin's Creed Valhalla Inventory Editor

I just restart this game today. Some scripts still need to be confirmed. This is a simple script designed for lock HP/Stamina/Oxygen; others are not necessary / still in development.
You do not need this table if already have a working one

Cheat table scripts:
□Compact mode
□Inf. HP
□Base. addr
□inf. HP on?
□Cur. HP
□Max HP
□Inf. Stamina
□Base addr.
□Cur. Sta.
□Max. Sta.
□Oxygen is enough
□EXP multiplier / Charisma / Settlement EXP
□Re-enable when load from save
□Base addr.
□XP multiplier
□Settlement EXP
□Charisma? (zero based, 0=LV1)
□?? 140
□Time counter for ?
□?? 138
□?? 13C
□?? 16C
□?? 168
□Vendor inf. stock
□Refill stackable items (must >= threshold, to apply: open item menu)
□Affects quest items
□Threshold (must >= this value)
□Min. count
□Skill & mastery pt (Update: open skill tab)
□Base addr.
□Total skill pt
□Power (skill pt used, power = used+1)
□Total Mastery pt?
□Mastery pt used?
□Adrenalin -- need to conform (re-enable after load save)
□Base addr.
□Base addr.
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