[Steam] Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - table v: 1.0.1 CT

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[Steam] Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - table v: 1.0.1 CT

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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - table v: 1.0.1 CT
Game Name: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
Game Vendor: Steam
Game Version:
Game Process: WolfOldBlood_x64.exe
Game File Version:

Token Black

Saves and loads table state (i.e.: what memory records are enabled).
Uses named states (i.e.: 'default', 'testState', or 'SuperCheated'), if no name is given then 'default' is used.
Save Table State : Default
Save Table State : Casual
Save Table State : Full
Save Table State : Test
Load Table State : Default
Load Table State : Casual
Load Table State : Full
Load Table State : Test
Health Dec. Hook
Health Pickup Multiplier
Armor Pickup Multiplier
Armor Cap. Multiplier
Overcharge Dec. Hook
Infinite Ammo
Ammo Cap. Multiplier
Easy Perks
Score Multiplier
General Helper Scripts:
Fill Health
Fill Armor
Super Charged Health & Armor
Fill Ammo
Other Features:
Auto Table Updater
Auto Attach to process
Simple Logger (with levels)
Debug Section:
Print Game Module Info
Print Game Module Version
Enable Compact Mode
Disable Compact Mode
Set Logger Level : WARN (Default)
Set Logger Level : INFO
Set Logger Level : DEBUG
Set Logger Level : TRACE
All hooks have their own section, check scripts for real hook names.
v 1.0.1: Initial release
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